part time work during sem break XD

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

morning = wake up 'early' : 6.30 a.m
paling lambat : 7 a.m?
after subuh, mengaji. cewahh.nak mention jugak! haha ;)

then.. emm.. hah,at 7.30 send mama and ayah to the door before they're
going to work. hee
younger brothers?
Ouh, their bus come to pick them up as early as 6.40 i think
*i'm still in the bathroom.huhuhu
and then..... there goes the laundry...... pfttt.

noon = cooking lah.. what else should/can I do.heh =,=
then, then... usually I'm fb-ing after cooking. eheee

evening = sleeping~~~ from 3-5 p.m
pehtu, tunggu mama and ayah balik the gate for them. uhuuu~
5 p.m-watching 'telebisyen'! hahah
-boys over flowers- ulangan.tapi still the best korean drama ever! ;D

night = huha huha.hang out with brothers at their room je pun.
messaging with tutttt... XD

go to sleep. zzzZZzZzzZZZZzzzzzZZZ

cat: me, bear:my dearest mickey ;)))

p/s : i don't get any pay for this part time work. lesson: Jangan cari kerja macam kerja aku
kalau nak gaji. hihi

okeh.that'sallfornow ^^


qila said...

oooo....mirrah dah ada boypreng erhhh....hikhik..nak korek korek rahsia neh! :D

miradyana said...

boypreng tuh amende??hihihik.lalallaa~~ ;D

qila said...

eleh!ngengade tanak mengaku lah plerk....huhu ;)

miradyana said...

ehee..still knowing each other actually.
tak perlu trburu buru..hehe


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