Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Yeahhh.. That's the word.
Abis exam awal pun tak best jugak..
Kengkawan lain tengah exam..

I kinda afraid to go to the driving class.
Before this, I'm so excited to take driving license during semester break.
errrr.... my spirit had washed awayyyy...

But, I have to take the driving license.
Although, after our hardwork and taking JPJ test...
And after we pass the test, we'll get a license card.
Juz a cute license card. pfftt..

Tak reti bawak kereta kang payah. adedehhh.

Besides taking license, another plan of mine during this break is tooooooo


Yesterday my mama said : 'ish3...gemuknye kamu.kamu banyak makan ea kat sane..'

today my dad says : 'gemuknye kamu mirah..kamu kuat makan ye..'

okeh.komen2 mereka sangat menggalakkan aku untuk exercise. huuu~~
Ouh.. It breaks my heart. a little laa... huhu

But, the most important thing is I must face it!
chaiyok! >.<

p/s: quote kat bawah ni takde sangkut paut dengan post ini. dengan diri ini mungkin ade :)

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