Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Theres no specific tittle for this.
I just put everything in it.
The final exam is on 19th sept...
How many days left? Do the maths for me please~~

Tomorrow MPI0201A have 2 test : writing and m'sian studies

Oh yeah, yesterday I watched 'The Smurfs'
Its funny(i laugh all the time I think) and the best thing is the illustration was cool yoooo~~
haha ;D
And guess I watched the movie with who?
-sorry darl...its my lil' secret ;)

To 'you who i don't want to mention' please, please, please, please stay away from my life ever.
It may sound cruel but the scars that you gave me were much more cruel.
-Janganlah ganggu kebahagiaan saya-
Cewah.. skema gitu ayatnye.

KBai ^-^

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