tak sangka..

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Setelah sekian lame meninggalkan dapur, aku masih ingat lagi macam mana nak masak kari.
Tak sangka sungguh....

Sungguh ku tak sangka.

p/s: akurinduMPI0201A!and 'you' to.


Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Yeahhh.. That's the word.
Abis exam awal pun tak best jugak..
Kengkawan lain tengah exam..

I kinda afraid to go to the driving class.
Before this, I'm so excited to take driving license during semester break.
errrr.... my spirit had washed awayyyy...

But, I have to take the driving license.
Although, after our hardwork and taking JPJ test...
And after we pass the test, we'll get a license card.
Juz a cute license card. pfftt..

Tak reti bawak kereta kang payah. adedehhh.

Besides taking license, another plan of mine during this break is tooooooo


Yesterday my mama said : 'ish3...gemuknye kamu.kamu banyak makan ea kat sane..'

today my dad says : 'gemuknye kamu mirah..kamu kuat makan ye..'

okeh.komen2 mereka sangat menggalakkan aku untuk exercise. huuu~~
Ouh.. It breaks my heart. a little laa... huhu

But, the most important thing is I must face it!
chaiyok! >.<

p/s: quote kat bawah ni takde sangkut paut dengan post ini. dengan diri ini mungkin ade :)

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Finally.... I'm in Perak.
My home.

Miss my bed.
Miss my teddy.
Miss everything ^-^

oh ya, miss u to malacca :'(
Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

bolehbakarbukumalaysianstudiessekarang ;)

p/s: so,so,so sad at this moment. kenapa kah? O.0

Take a deep breath
Stand near the window
Look at the sky
There will be two stars twinkling brightly
You know what they are???
They are my eyes always taking care of you
Good night.

what goes around,comes around

" I've hurt you because of my immature attitude and thinking.
And the years after, the pain struck me-through the heart. "

reason why we should have a diary or it can be reason why we should have a blog

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Because after a month, several months or even a year we can read back all the things that we had
Then, we can laugh all the things that we had wrote.

As we all know, laughing is the best medicine.
Right? eheee~

p/s: esok iaitu 19 september bersamaan hari isnin, bermulah peperangan 'final exam'. wish me luck yoo~ ;)
tomorrow is writing.OMG!

the beginning...

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

... of the week that is called

p/s: tapi si budak hingusan ini masih lagi berblog, postyangbukanbukanje.kan.kan.kan.
'coz she says: "it makes me happy, wipe my tears, and makes me forget those problems"

"and that's why I smile.it's been a while. since everyday and everything has felt this right.
and now you turn it all around. and suddenly you're all i need.the reason why~~ i smile"
- says avril lavigne laa..i'm just 'copy-cating' some of her lyrics.heee xP

kbye ^-^

If only the heart will never ever broken.... :)

she says: ''don't hope too much on something or anything.otherwise, the heart will broken into pieces. don't hope that others will give you their full attention, you're not a kid anymore.be strong my dear princess..''


Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Theres no specific tittle for this.
I just put everything in it.
The final exam is on 19th sept...
How many days left? Do the maths for me please~~

Tomorrow MPI0201A have 2 test : writing and m'sian studies

Oh yeah, yesterday I watched 'The Smurfs'
Its funny(i laugh all the time I think) and the best thing is the illustration was cool yoooo~~
haha ;D
And guess I watched the movie with who?
-sorry darl...its my lil' secret ;)

To 'you who i don't want to mention' please, please, please, please stay away from my life ever.
It may sound cruel but the scars that you gave me were much more cruel.
-Janganlah ganggu kebahagiaan saya-
Cewah.. skema gitu ayatnye.

KBai ^-^

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