wet from head to toe

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Rainy season has started i guess? =="
Yesterday afternoon after comp. literacy class, me and my friends went back to college in the rain.
The rain is quite heavy.Even the umbrella can't prevent us from the rain water.

Mirza sangat cekal la!
She just walked faster and then she stopped at the mosque waiting for me and hirza.
Poor hirza.. sebab time tu jugak lah kasut dia nak rosak...

After about 5 minutes stayed at the mosque, we decided
to march back to college even the rain was still pouring heavily.
bak kata mirza : "dah alang2 basah ni, biarlah basah je terus.."
While Hirza borrowed the slipper from the mosque.

That was yesterdays story.
Today story is just like yesterday.
But the difference is,today it rains in the morning.
We're wet!!!
I'm so tense up..
Sampai kelas memang monyok abis je muke.
Dah lah baju kurung aku kainnye tebal.
So, lambat kering..
Plus, the temperature in our class is like the temperature at the artic.
Imagine how cold we are! >.<

Actually, all of us have a presentation this morning regarding to our school project.
But, we didn't manage to finish the presentation.
There's still a few of us who didn't present yet.
Including me.. Hohoho (grateful for that..keh3)
So, we continue it on this friday...
Its a relief... I still have time to rearrange my presentation slides and make preparation.

Okeh,that's all ^^

p/s:he said he wants to be my lungs..so sweet~~ lalalalala ;P

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