day 2: 10 things you love

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

1- I love Allah the Almighty and The Most Merciful

2- I love Muhammad S.A.W

3- I love Islam, my one and only religion

4- I love mama,ayah, fudhail, zaim ocik, pak cik mat, opah and
atok belah mama dan ayah and all my family

5- I love myself, especially the bright side of me not the dark side a.k.a the evil side of me. hehe
We must love ourself before we love others. Bila kita tak sayang diri
jadilah berkembang biak masalah sosial especially girls. This is my
opinion. If you agree put your feets or fingers up. hoho

6- I love my friends adik angkat especially my best friends Aimi, Yana, Kautsar, Fairuz, Maryam and Naimah. I tell you la.. adik2 angkat sayang : Masz, afiq
They're great and fantastic with their own way ;)

7- I love my teachers. Without them I'm nothing.

8- I love my lappy very much. I can't live without it. haha.

9- I love cats! Love 'em very much coz they have a very fluffy fur, long
lovely whiskers, and very cute face! Conclusion nye kucing sangat menggoda.hihi
Tapi mama tak bagi aku bela kucing sebab aku alah sikit ngan kucing. T.T

10- I love my 'crush' since I was in form3. Can someone please
tell me how to get rid of him from my heart
I've tried so many ways but it still the same =,=

-the end-


Aina said...

" i love my crush " . HAHA. who's that lucky boy mirrah ? curious. hihi

miradyana said...

lucky?hahah.he should be a very unlucky boy!hoho

wynaut blog said...

stumble on your blog..have a great day..i see you like cats maybe you should see this..hope this will make you happy :) messy missy

miradyana said...

those pics are fantastic! thanks ;D

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