I got it!

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

I got the TESL interview!
Alhamdulillah.I am very very grateful for that.

But, the date is on......
Its on this saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It will take place at UiTM section 17, Shah Alam..
Now.... My hearts thumping heavily waiting for the day! T_T
Rasa nak tercabut jantung aku tawu!
Debaran nye lagi hebat berbanding fell in love for the first time.. Hohoho
My knees are loosen already. I can feel a few screws have tercabut =.=

Luckily my friend ask me weather I've check i got any interviews or not on tuesday, 2 days ago.
Thanks a lot Maisarah!
If you wouldn't ask me, I still dont know how to check it.

I haven't attend any interview before..
This is my first!
So, I'm a little blur...
I dont know what to do...
Everything that I do I cant concentrate because my mind is full of imagination how the interview would be conducted.
Can I answer all their questions?
What if I'm stuck?
OMG... All this thoughts circling in my mind.
It makes me feel..................... urgh

Aku kena study balek lah nampaknye!
Theres a written test. I'm affraid my grammer will be like craps =,=
Thanks to the internet, i'm able to search about this interview.
Especially for bloggers that write an entry about this interview.
I love you!!! Eheeee...

It makes me relief. Just for a second(sigh)..
And thanks also to my friend's ( Ismi Luqman) sister for giving me tips about this interview.
If not, I might be lost.

I think I've lost my skills in english since I'm not a school student anymore.
Mesti broken punye la english aku! >,<
Cewah, macam lah bagus sangat English aku masa sekolah dulu..
Can I cry now? For just a minute..

Yeah, I know its cute ;P

I want to do my best for this interview.
I will put all my effort to win the interviewers heart! ( cewahhh3...)
I know my interest in this language is not enough for me to pass the interview.
I have to be confident and full of spirit.

Wish me luck!
I'll do my best. I'll make sure I wont dissapoint my parents and my family..
Especially my mom.
Pray for my success :)

P/s: Aku kena prepare untuk hari anugerah kat sekolah petang ni. Guest how many presents or awards I'll get? I'm excited waiting for this evening event! I miss my school, my friends and my teachers a lot!!! kyaaaaaaaaaaa...!
And also, aku dapat PLKN kumpulan 2 kem Terkok, Sungai Siput. Camne kalau.. Kalau lah kan... Aku dapat course ni, mesti jugak ke aku pergi PLKN tu? Somebody please help me! >.<


Aina said...

congrates mirrah !
i know u can do it :)

miradyana said...

thanks Aina! aku baru balek dr intrview tu.arap2 dpt.. >.<

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