Cabaran pertama


Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Errr...a recent picture of me? tarikh akhir aku amik pic pun bulan 12. itu pun,mase pegi ke i-city.. hihi. xpe la. kire recent pic la jugak an? although now is february already.

Blog aku,sukati la.gahaha

sorry,pic glap.ak malas nak crahkan pic ni..hehe
kalo rase x nmpak,wat2 nmpak ea...hee

Now, 15 interesting facts about me ( interesting la sangattt..) :

1. Hot temper

2. Childish. ( I'll be 18 this august.but still..I can't get rid this attitude ) huhu

3. Sensitive

4. I'll cry wether I'm sad,frustrating and very2 angry

5. Sometimes suke mrajuk.

6. "Agak" feminin ;P

7. First impression org pada aku ialah : sombong.

8. Talkative

9. Suke cite thriller,cinta and ade unsur2 jenaka. (kalo ade tiga2 ni,grenti ak tgk)

10. Penakut

11. Cpat marah, cpat cool

12. I love English subject very2 much!

13. I want to be an accountant or an english lecturer. ^_^

14. Cute ( terperasan seketika.heee )

15. It's hard for me to smile to whom I don't know. espcially to boys.huhu

That's all =)

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