Thursday, April 13, 2017

Short Vacation, Short Getaway

Assalamualaikum and good day

I went to Perhentian Island last week. It was midsem break and I wanted to go somewhere so I suggested Perhentian to Mama and she said okey,ayah took 4 days leave. then off we went to Perhentian. We stayed in Small Island, at the village. Mama wanted to book room at Long Beach, small island unfortunately, the agency she called put us in the perkampungan kecil on small island because they don't have any available room at Long Beach. So I know after this we should find our own place online; in agoda or trivago then only we will find agent or package for island tour and snorkeling.

But it's fun though. It was peaceful and tranquil. We had a great vacation despite the heavy headache I had on the boat as we went for snorkeling. The boat was smaller than in Krabi. I remember I only had minor headache when boarding the boat in Krabi for snorkeling. Perhentian's view is gorgeous. You don't have to go far, Malaysia indeed has the gorgeous islands around. But don't be shocked with the food charges, it is a bit expensive than the mainland. The main transport here is the boat. The taxi is the boat. I enjoyed here. I want to come here again for sure one day! 

Singgah masjid lojing for toilet

Snorkeling. They'll bring you to see turtle, sharks and coral. But I was so mabuk laut I stayed on boat didn't go see the turtles. What a waste. yaish T_T

There's the Big Island \^o^/

Okey. That's all for now. Anticipate for the
 next holiday! ;)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Homesick/ "townsick"

Assalamualaikum and good day

Let's start with a smile and happy thoughts because I am so homesick! I went home last friday and came back yesterday because my class is at 5pm so I can have extra night at home. Still, I felt so heavy to go back to reality... yishh. With all assignments and test not to forget presentation as well..
and exprimo's tasks and job.

If I don't do any work at all, soon I'll be unproductive and I do not want that. I need to start finding real job soon since next semester I'll have 2 classes and one project paper which will go on until the final semester. So I want to think of happy things, future plans; job, whether to get married or
For this homesickness is manageable  because I have Ocik and Pakcik Mat here. So, yes it is bearable. 

Gambarimasu for another semester! We're reaching towards midsem break in two weeks time. One week break jyeah~

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The possible and impossible

Assalamualaikum, greetings. 

How's your day so far? I hope you have a great, wonderful, terrific day. Remember to smile regardless of what happened or will happen to you in the future. As I'm aging (rasa tua sangat lah pulak), I have a lot of things in mind. Things I have never thought of before or I never thought it would matter one day. I even wished for something grand and fabulous. 
Every time my greed comes I will say to myself; I will chant to my dear beloved self 
"What else do you want? What else do you wish for? Don't be greedy. You have enough. And enough is good for you."

I used to wonder when will that "one fine day" opens it's door for me, when will I reach all the goals I've always wanted. Little did I know I need to work very hard for my "one fine day"; for my ambitions and goals. The most important thing is not to get stress over it. Don't put a lot of pressure to yourself. Good things take time. And do not sit and just wait for the right time, work for it instead. Earn something worthwhile, worth the effort you've made. That one fine day.

If the world makes you tired 
If the world offers you thousand loads of happiness
If the world blames you
If the world stands in your way
Keep your chin up 
Pray. Always.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Assalamualaikum, greetings everyone!

I joined Exprimo F.U.S (fast.upright.simple) team recently under the stock department. Apart from that, we have to be at the kiosk for at least 4 hours per week. As for me, I choose to work at the kiosk for 6 hours. Since, I take 3 classes for this semester so I have plenty of time doing nothing. lol. Okey so what is Exprimo and what we do actually? We receive parcels so that customers can pick it up at our kiosk. Apart from that, we also deliver parcels to customers upon request.. It comes with a charge of course, RM2(within 3 days of the date parcel arrived).

We sell pendrives, external hard disk, printer ink, usb cables and other accessories at the kiosk as well. It is fascinating that this idea came out after colleges did not take parcels for students. There were circumstances which made colleges decided not to take parcels for students again thus, Exprimo was set up.

I don't have experience dealing with suppliers before so this is my first time. Working in the stock team requires me to make contacts and be alert. My biggest problem is I always blur. Fortunately, I pick up things fast; a quick learner. But there are things that I feel a bit difficult for me to understand. Once I understood, it will be in the brain, in the memory.

Although, the pay is not much but at least I have something to do besides from studying, doing assignments and going to classes. I am able to meet new people, get to know active and highly motivated people which I found very fascinating and exciting.

For more information you can go to
our website here, facebook here and instagram here